Searching for a new path?

Path to Self-knowledge
What about a path that takes you to a meeting with yourself, with your inner world, where an abundant source of wisdom and happiness exists?
Thus we would like to invite you to know the path of the self-knowledge and the inner change.

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SetaFor reflection...

Zoroastro photo "The one who works the land with devotion has more religious merit than one could get with thousands prayers and no work done."

arrow How to participate in this course.

NewsTo participate in this course is quite simple because it's totally on-line, free and does not require any subscription. The lessons of the course are available on the website. Additionally, can be downloaded a book in PDF format with all the lessons in a single file.

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arrow Course book - all lessons in one file

NewsThis book contains all the course lessons in a single PDF file. That's very useful for those who want to share the course with other people or just prefer read on a PDF document rather than on the online lessons.
Click here to download the book

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Guestbook " Participei do Movimento Gnóstico Universal do Brasil na Nova Ordem em Guarulhos-SP no ano de 1995 aproximadamente. Lá recebi gratuitamente esse fabuloso e raríssimo conhecimento que me fez responder t... "
Aníbal Santiago - 26/04/2017
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