Searching for a new path?

Path to Self-knowledge
What about a path that takes you to a meeting with yourself, with your inner world, where an abundant source of wisdom and happiness exists?
Thus we would like to invite you to know the path of the self-knowledge and the inner change.

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SetaFor reflection...

Buda Gautama Sakyamuni photo "It’s easier to see other people’s mistakes than our own; it’s very hard to see our own defects."
Buda Gautama Sakyamuni

arrow How to participate in this course.

NewsTo participate in this course is quite simple because it's totally on-line, free and does not require any subscription. The lessons of the course are available on the website. Additionally, can be downloaded a book in PDF format with all the lessons in a single file.

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arrow Course book - all lessons in one file

NewsThis book contains all the course lessons in a single PDF file. That's very useful for those who want to share the course with other people or just prefer read on a PDF document rather than on the online lessons.
Click here to download the book

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Guestbook " Excelente material fácil de entender y de mucho sabiduría. Mil gracias por poner estos textos a nuestra disponibilidad. "
santiago - 30/01/2020
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