Before we start the course itself we would like firstly to welcome you and say a few words about this course.

If you have been interested in this course it is because something inside yourself, in some way, is telling that you need to change, that you need to know something that makes you meet a new and surprising reality.
Exaggeration? Certainly not, my dear friend.

In fact there is another reality that will give you a complete new sense for your life, very different from the one we have learned and accepted since we were a child: only to be born, growing up, fighting for living, to reproduce, growing old and dying.

As you will see through the courseís lessons, there will be some issues that will seem slightly strange.
This is perfectly comprehensible, especially when we consider that we have not been educated for this kind of knowledge and, for a long time, we have been taught exactly the opposite.

You can try by yourself all that is taught in this course. Many people did and continue to do this, because what you will learn will be useful for your entire life. However it is necessary to practice continuously all that will be taught.
Donít think that youíll be able to try something or get results only by reading texts and storing a lot of information.
The theory is useless without the practice.

After these initial words, we wish that you appreciate and get the maximum from this brief course, which is no more than an entrance door for this new reality, but is a door that needs to be crossed.

Best regards.
Divina CiÍncia team.